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Dooce? Are you reading? Hmmm… Are you?

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Madness cant help but woder if the Almighty Dooce is sneaking over to the MadLands here and there.

Remember the other day when Madness described in song and YouTube what it feels like to be John Malkovich Madness? Yeah..

Well.. click here and go see what Dooce was up to last night… and TELL ME Dooce hasnt been skipping around the MadLands recently.. yes, yes.. see the DooceTracks?

Ahhh.. Dooce and Madness are tight like that.



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June 5, 2008 at 2:03 pm

Madness Needs to Have A Word.

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This was going to be my Wordless Wednesday post, but Madness had too many words to say about this little gem.

Someone needs to have a word with this woman. And since obviously NO ONE will, Madness is gonna have to do it.

SOMEONE needs to stop lying to the Man-Lady… Or at least let her look in a mirror once in a while.  Dont get me wrong .. Madness has had five babies and is by NO MEANS thin.. but Madness also knows that when youre a big girl, you should dress appropriately. What she is doing is just Wrong.

I mean, come on ManLady.. STOP THAT!

And NO, this was NOT a one time FatGirl Fashion Felony. Oh no. This man lady is *always* sportin the halter tops an’shit.  To make things worse..shes *always* posing next to her BFF who seriously needs to eat a sandwich..who, incidentally, can be smelt through the internet shes so skrank.

Perhaps its because she isnt really a woman afterall.  I mean.. CHECK OUT THAT MUG.


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June 5, 2008 at 1:51 pm

Madness Knows

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Madness knows whats to come.  And she CANT WAIT to see it all unfold. MmmHmm.

This shit is SO exciting!


sittin in a tree …  only this tree isnt a tree .. its a HOUSE.

Look at how romantic.

Oh.Oh.Oh. Read THIS LITTLE GEM of a blog about Satan Spawn IV John McCain and just what YOUR LIFE will be like if that jackass gets elected.  If youre feeling the appropriate and feeling of TERROR and DOOM then yes, you know the John McCain Im talkin ’bout.

Yeah, him.

Madness is gonna be like Jen and wait right here while you go and read that right there and take a moment to think about it .. all of you .. then come back and let Madness have a word.

For real. Heres what Madness has to say on all this.


We (you me and everyone we know) are living the very real consequences of what THIS JACKSASS

and THE REST OF THEM JACKASSES have managed to fark up in the name of power and poitics. You got gas money? Me neither.

“…BlahBlah oil, arabs, gas, jobs BlahBlah…” I know. but seriously… yes Internet .. these things are actually affecting you and me .. yesterday today and tomorrow.  And uh, yeah .. THIS JACKASS and THESE JACKASSES are to blame.

In the case of George Dubyah, you cant REALLY SAY that the American people got what they asked for, because, uh, yeah.. *I* havent forgotten that Dubyah stole the Presidency right out from under Al Gores nose. So no, dont blame that shit on me, the voter. Nuh-uh, no way. That m*otherf*cker MoronAs*Twit didnt get my vote, OR most of YOURS.

Allow Madness to digress. Please. Cause she just went way off of the path she started out on.

Oh, right.. McCain. Dear God if McCain gets elected .. We’re outta here. UP and Out. Seriously. Either way, if we go or if we stay, if  SatanSpawnIV John McCain is elected .. we’re.all.fucked.

There are very few American working class families that *arent* hangin on by a HOPE and a PRAYER .. or in some cases, just HOPE and DRINKING.

*gasp* .. theres that word. The “H” word.  Hope. The audacity.


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June 5, 2008 at 1:04 am

Wordless Wednesday

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Madness is gonna say it again. Oh. Hell. Yes.

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June 4, 2008 at 2:58 pm


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Remember when Madness asked Internet if they had ever witnessed a Manic Melt Down…and Madness told you Internets to stay tuned cause she was just about there.

Yeah. Madness is there.


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June 4, 2008 at 2:25 pm

Oh. Hell. Yes.

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June 4, 2008 at 1:18 pm


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Madness is quickly approaching what she calls overload. Lots of things are happening at the MadLands. Madness got a new job. MmmHmm. Madness put her 3 week notice in at the surgeons office last Friday then on Monday informed them that she would only be working there in the morning and going to her new job in the afternoon.  Surgeons office didnt like this, understandably so, and Madness genuinely feels bad about the prediciment she has made. But you see.. sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And this is one of them times.

New employer doesnt just need Madness .. they need Madness.  Madness has MADskill doing the job they’ve hired her to do, you see.  Madness started the new job this afternoon and within an hour she was hammering it out and showin em why they call her crazy.

But still .. working these last few weeks at the surgeons office are going to be uber.stressful on account of now everyone there hates Madness. Pile that on top of the whole starting a new gig, learning new things, figuring out new co-workers and the new boss, NINETY DAY PROBATION.. etc etc .. stah-ress-full. Of course Madness has other issues stressing her out right now. [details withheld, as usual]

All Madness can say right now is .. thank goodness for After.First.Day.Of.New.Job.Bottle.Of.Wine.

Please stay tuned while Madness .. while Madness ..   uh  … yeah.

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June 3, 2008 at 10:49 pm

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