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Written by Madness

June 11, 2008 at 9:51 pm

a terrible thirst for blame

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I know youre here … youre reading everything Im saying .. so read this .. hear this.

This isnt about you anymore. This isnt about him anymore. This isnt about me anymore.

You arent just impeding on my marriage anymore, Ms Grant, youre tearing my family apart… not just my marriage .. MY FAMILY.

He and I have five children, five LIVES, we created. Five futures MaxX and Me are responsible for.  Perhaps youre not understanding the GRAVITY of what Im talking about here, Sam.

October 14, 1994 – Our daughter was born.  Our first born daughter is going to be 14 this year. This is going to be her last year in middle school .. MaxX and Me are going to be the parents of a high school Freshman this time next year.  A High School Freshman. Our daughter isnt going to be sweatin her ass off at the Hut or LJS after high school … OUR daughter is going to College five years from now. Five years in the life of a child who has the world at her fingertips is quite literally a blink of an eye.  

Our daughter needs her parents guidance right now more than ever. She needs and deserves our devotion and commitment to the rest of her life .. right now.  Our daughter doesnt deserve to have her parents and her family torn apart in divorce and despair. Our daughter doesnt deserve to have her life torn apart… and right now , Samantha Grant, you are the one that is putting our daughter at risk of suffering just that. 

Remember this isnt about YOU anymore Ms. Grant.

December 1, 1995 – Our son was born. Everything I said about our daughter up there .. applies to him too… and him, her and her too.
October 16, 1007 – Our second son was born.
April 22, 2000 – Our third child, another daughter was born.
November 13, 2001 – Our baby, our third daughter was born.

(See how this isnt about you anymore, dear.)

Every one of our children deserve to have their family together, focused, committed and happy.

MaxX and Me have had horrible times over the last sixteen years. Heartache, betrayal .. despair. The worst of the worst is what we’ve put each other through. You were brought into an intimate situation between MaxX and Me… we had our reasons, you had yours.

What you need to realize now is that you need to remove youself from our family. No, youre not “friends” with my husband…  No. Youre not.  Who and what you were to MaxX last fall and winter puts you on the exclusive list of “Ineligible for Friends Status” list .. for obvious reasons. 

I was told time and again that you “knew what this was going into it” .. and yet .. when the time came for it to end .. suddenly ya’ll didnt want it to be what it was .. and you started fighting for it to become that which it never could or should be.  That is when this became an attack on my family , my children .. not just my marriage. And that is where this has crossed a line that I will defend to my last day.

Step on Ms. Grant.  This is not a fight you want to fight with Me.


Written by Madness

June 7, 2008 at 1:08 pm