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Madness doesnt know if the *Tingle* shes feeling today is caused by the fact that she is experiencing the the destruction of her life.. or possibly its the beginnings of that stroke we all know is coming.

Or maybe.. perhaps somehow.. it has to do with the prospects of THIS (read that)

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the White House .. John Edwards as Attorney General.  Barack, if youre listening… and I know you are… go ahead and DO IT.  You know youve thought about it.. those words have been lingering in your head for quite some time now .. whispering to you in the night … “DreamTeam” .. Obama is poised to take this country and its government by the hand and make us great again.

Obama, dont stop at Clinton and Edwards.. oh no.. keep going. Youve got all kinds of Top Head Official spots to fill with totally awsome people.. hell.. I bet you could even talk Slick Willie into taking a seat in the big house again. Oh that would be awsome.

So yeah.. Obama.. you DO IT ma brotha!

*UGH* Sadly.. Madness still thinks the *Tingle* is due to her sky high blood pressure, courtesy of people who are committed ONLY to killing her slowly and painfully.


Written by Madness

June 6, 2008 at 2:04 pm

Madness Knows

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Madness knows whats to come.  And she CANT WAIT to see it all unfold. MmmHmm.

This shit is SO exciting!


sittin in a tree …  only this tree isnt a tree .. its a HOUSE.

Look at how romantic.

Oh.Oh.Oh. Read THIS LITTLE GEM of a blog about Satan Spawn IV John McCain and just what YOUR LIFE will be like if that jackass gets elected.  If youre feeling the appropriate and feeling of TERROR and DOOM then yes, you know the John McCain Im talkin ’bout.

Yeah, him.

Madness is gonna be like Jen and wait right here while you go and read that right there and take a moment to think about it .. all of you .. then come back and let Madness have a word.

For real. Heres what Madness has to say on all this.


We (you me and everyone we know) are living the very real consequences of what THIS JACKSASS

and THE REST OF THEM JACKASSES have managed to fark up in the name of power and poitics. You got gas money? Me neither.

“…BlahBlah oil, arabs, gas, jobs BlahBlah…” I know. but seriously… yes Internet .. these things are actually affecting you and me .. yesterday today and tomorrow.  And uh, yeah .. THIS JACKASS and THESE JACKASSES are to blame.

In the case of George Dubyah, you cant REALLY SAY that the American people got what they asked for, because, uh, yeah.. *I* havent forgotten that Dubyah stole the Presidency right out from under Al Gores nose. So no, dont blame that shit on me, the voter. Nuh-uh, no way. That m*otherf*cker MoronAs*Twit didnt get my vote, OR most of YOURS.

Allow Madness to digress. Please. Cause she just went way off of the path she started out on.

Oh, right.. McCain. Dear God if McCain gets elected .. We’re outta here. UP and Out. Seriously. Either way, if we go or if we stay, if  SatanSpawnIV John McCain is elected .. we’re.all.fucked.

There are very few American working class families that *arent* hangin on by a HOPE and a PRAYER .. or in some cases, just HOPE and DRINKING.

*gasp* .. theres that word. The “H” word.  Hope. The audacity.


Written by Madness

June 5, 2008 at 1:04 am