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Wow, my “About Madness” is l.a.m.e.  Heres a revision…

I am Madness. I am Momma. I am the love of his life.  I am 31, I live in Indiana. I am married and I have 3 daughters and 2 sons.

What you will find here are random ramblings from the mind of Madness.


Madness?   Madness was adopted by her cousins when she was 4 and moved from Indiana to Florida where she lived till she was 16. At age 16 Madness moved back to Indiana to be with her “real mommy” (you have to say that with ALL of the stupid sarcasm you can muster). Yeah. “Real Mommy” turned out to be a waste of skin and air. MmmHmm. But you see, Madness now knows that she HAD to come back to Indiana and suffer through the harsh reality of who and what “Real Mommy” was/is so that she would 1) meet MaxX and be blessed with the life, love and joy of Helene, Daniel, Harold, Taryn and Devyn.  2) come to appriciate and know the real love of the family she walked away from.

Madness and MaxX have been together since Madness was 16 .. and this much is true .. Madness and MaxX love each other … past all revelations.

Madness has been bipolar as long as she can remember but wasnt ‘officially’ diagnosed till about a year or so ago. Still trying to come to grips with it … havent stuck with any of the medications or treatments… yet. You see, Madness is an alcohol abuser (thats what they call me) … Madness is working on getting this under control and lemmee tell you.. it aint easy. 

So… sit back and have a looksie… and let Madness know if you think shes as crazy as they all say she is.




Written by Madness

April 11, 2008 at 2:14 pm

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