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dont let yourself be annoyed or bored with Hillary and OBama

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Oh no.. dont do it.  Dont even fix your mouth to complain about the Democratic presidential nomination process this election year. Do not complain that Hillary should just bow out as gracefully as possible right now. Do not start blahblahblahing the “my vote really doesnt count in the big picture” crap. Or the “I’ll just let someone else go vote and let them chose for me because I’m too lazy to register, show up and vote” crap.

Read this interesting article here about just how close Hillary and Obama really ARE in this here race to become THE Democratic nominee for The Prez.  Sure the whole thing may seem a little mucky with all the lah-tee-do about Florida and Michigan and other issues. This little article takes a look at this fuzzy math thats being talked about so much and that Hillary is heavily relying on as reason to STAY IN THE GAME. 

Go read it and come back .. and then Madness would like to know if youre a) registered to vote b)if youve voted in your states PrezPrimary and c) why.  All of you’s who are registered and voted, Aces to You Friend. Those of you that arent and havent.. its.not.too.late.  Click here and go register to vote. Then, SHOW UP on Election Day ’08.

This article puts emphasis on what Madness has been saying for a while now. Clearly the “popular people” are demonstrating that the ticket we all want to see come November is Clinton/OBama or OBama/Clinton. Either way, people!

So yeah.. dont get annoyed with or bored with whats happening right now with the nomination process. Take a minute to soak in whats really going on, not only in UNITED STATES HISTORY but our FUTURE too.  The state of everyday affairs for *everyday normal* Americans like you and me is scary and uncertain and the despairity is only worsening.

Any way we look at it, either John McCain *violent gut wrenching shudder*, Hillary Clinton or Barack OBama will be the next leader of the free world… and the free us. You and me, friend. One of these folks is gonna make or break us. Yes, I said make or break us because, quite frankly… there isnt too much further down we can all fall before we are broken.

Stay tuned while Madness wonders what the hell is going on around here.

Madness would never ever ever tell anyone who they should love, honor, cherish or VOTE for.  And Madness knows that NO ONE out there thinks that them there politicians up thar in Warshingtun are just a bunch of pompus jack asses and none of that bullarky has nothing to do with ME.

But just in case you know someone  like that .. Madness offers this.

Yes friend.. the people we elect to run shit around here should most def’ be of your concern for reasons. Heres TWO.



Written by Madness

June 2, 2008 at 3:48 am

Posted in Random Madness

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