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Just Another MadnessMonday..or not.. either way

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*yawn* Mornin kids! Madness is back at work after a funfilled weekend. Took more pics at the football field yesterday.. this time the WHOLE FAMILY was there and we did kite flying, football throwing and more dismal attempts at leash training the twinnies.

Those pics are at stay tuned for that later today.

In other news .. Madness saw a sight of GLORY this morning. Oh yes. Madness was driving to work and as she rounded the curve in the road that marks the beginning of the first school zone.. she saw DISCO LIGHTS. Oh yes. The police had a Stupid Idiot pulled over in front of the school…for speeding no doubt. And Madness.. in her hungover heartbroken state (details withheld) said “YIPPEE” or “WooHoo” or “Woot!” (Im looking at you MaxX and I’m not smiling)

Madness overhauled her MySpace. Yeah Yeah Yeah.. it’s pretty and happy and nice and its gonna stay that way. Madness is purging the BULLSHIT from her life..MARK HER WORDS.

Ever seen a Manic Meltdown? Stay tuned. Cause Madness is just.about.there.


Written by Madness

May 19, 2008 at 2:03 pm

Posted in Bipolar, Random Madness

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