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do you want to worship me from near or afar ?

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Oh my gawd   (shottvie onassis brittania nifayette — those are puppy names and totally not relevant to this post .. but thats just how Madness mind works)  

Anyway, Madness was at her beloved, which rarely fails to provide something that makes you go “Oh My God”. Todays bit of dirty gossip that we are all going to hell for laughing about news is about this lady  (shes a judge) MmmHmm.

I know. Judge Whack Job  Elizabeth Halverson, as we can all see, is obese. I said it.  Judge Whack Job  Halverson putted around in a HoverRound and made her bitch baliff put her shoes on for her, rub her inside parts back, cover her with a tarp blankets to clean her her belly button take naps and make sure her dingdongs  oxygen tanks were full.  Come again? Seriously. Yeah, really.

Of course it gets even better! Madness wouldnt waste her time bringing you stuff that doesnt make you pee in your pants 😉

So,   Judge Whack Job  Halverson also asked her bitch baliff if he’d like to “worship her from near or afar”.  I swear to you I am so not making this up. Judge Whack Job  Halverson also had her God only knows what THIS guy was thinking Husband sworn under oath in order to ask him if he had completed household chores *booyaw* (or however you spell that) MmmHmm. Toldya you had to see this… read it for yourself here.

What part made Madness pee her pants, you ask? … Her attorney, John Arrascada said “It’s apparent that some people believe her physical appearance somehow makes her unable to perform her duties as a judge.” He added, “Last time I checked, being a judge doesn’t require a beauty contest.”  Madness is going to Hell.


Written by Madness

May 10, 2008 at 11:15 pm

Posted in Random Madness

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  1. Just wanted to say “Happy Mothers Day, I love you babe”; I wasn’t sure where to put it……….sorry…….MaxX.


    May 11, 2008 at 5:34 am

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