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A day at the park..a story in pictures for your viewing pleasure…

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Today Madness took three of her brood to the park…

This picture reminds Madness of that Indiana Jones game on ATARI

MmmHmm… I’m old and


because Madness wont allow her babies to throw up “WestSide”!!

and not just because we dont live on the WestSide either!

Yes, thats right …. Mad Skill

2 seconds later Devyn hopped on.. Taryn bit the … oh, wait.. I already said that in the TEXT.

NO FEAR … thats right baby … NO. FEAR.

In case you were wondering .. Madness rocks a hawt ponytail. MmmHmm.

and since Madness didnt want Taco Bell to think she was just there to  use their bathroom… Madness had Taco Bell fetch her a free cup of WATER too.

Home again Home again… jigg-ah-tey jig.


Written by Madness

May 5, 2008 at 3:18 am

Posted in Random Madness

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