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Wordless Wednesday

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Madness is still trying to figure out if she is capable of not speaking.

 Ok wait .. are you LIMITED to just one image on Wordless Wednesday? Or can I like, keep adding images as the day goes on? Because if I can do THAT .. then I am  all.  over.  it.

So.. ggidd-ee-yup..

 One of my FIRST thoughts of the day today was THIS:

PETE WENTZ IS GAY! THERE, I said it! I dont care what anybody says .. Pete Wentz is gay. Look at that pic and *tell me* Pete Wentz isnt G A Y!

Oh, youre just not so sure because he’s all “I knocked up Ashley Simpson” an’shit.

Well.. have a looksie at this

That kid is gay .. I’m just sayin.

Shortly after the demons released Madness from the “Pete Wentz is gay” rant .. Madness was overcome by this

**stay tuned .. Madness computer is being an asshat and now Madness must throw it in the trash restart**

oh-kay .. ahem ..

You see .. Madness lives in the MidWest. MmmHmm.. say it with Madness.. the MidWest. The national economy is tanking .. and in the MidWest .. the economy is CRASHING AND BURNING. MmmHmm.  It IS
Madness works in healthcare.  One might not think that the healthcare industry is being effected by the tanking economy but let me assure you it is.

Thanks evil satan spawn GeorgieBoy 😉


Written by Madness

April 30, 2008 at 1:14 pm

Posted in Wordless Wednesday

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