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Once upon a few days ago, a Good Samaritan did a Good Thing

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Once upon a few days ago, a Good Samaritan did a Good Thing and that Good Thing turned into a very Good Thing today for Me and MaxX.

a Good Samaritan once purchased this GEM (retail..i know…) :

Oh heck yes! MaxX and Me had us a *date* today. MmmHmm đŸ˜‰ MaxX and Me went to the Evil Institution of Satan bank today which was a surprisingly sugary sickening visit. Thank you large scary waytoo overly smiley cackley nice bank manager lady.. *waves* “Hi-Hello!!” đŸ˜€

Thankfully still, MaxX and Me didnt have to jump that guys beastly p.o.c (thats ‘~piece.of.crap~’ for ya’ll who didnt know. Lynn.) with OUR rediculous p.o.s. (thats ‘~piece.of.shit. for ya’ll who didnt know. Lynn.) minivan. Yay.

Ya so.. back to that GEM of a Good Thing found while MaxX and Me were out on our *date*  today. After the Institution of Satan bank, we had a pah-rooz around the thrift shoppe.  (No, Im not trying to be hoity-toity.. shop is an auto repair shop, shoppe is a store. Its just the right way to spell shit) MaxX and Me l.o.v.e going to the thrift shoppe on account of MaxX has this remarkable talent for scoring every single piece of the thrift shoppes fancy schmancy name brand clothing in 20 minutes or less. The man is awe inspiring in oh so many ways. 

After watching him do his thang for a while I started to get dizzy with awe and ventured out on my own to the childrens section.  You see, I too have a remarkable talent for scoring each and every piece of fancy schmancy name brand clothing in the chidlrens section of any given thrift outlet. Oh. Yes. I. Do. and it’s fantastic.

Two aisles between Hilfiger haven and the childrens section my eye catches sight of that which we now hold sacred in My house …

Oh heck yes! Once upon a time ago..some totally rad person purchased this Vote for Pedro t-shirt. Said totally rad person gave said t-shirt to some lame-o who never wore it had the same scary stalker like obsession  appriciation for Napoleon Dynamite that I do and said totally rad person took very good care of this priceless piece of pop culture trash GEM and in an obvious moment of delusion GAVE this sacred specimin to the Salvation Army Thrift Shoppe. MmmHmm… and now MaxX and Me and the rest of our Madness family have this t-shirt which we shall covet. Yay!

Oh, and I also picked up this little number .. a new super exciting ultra coool   bedskirt. Yay.



Written by Madness

April 20, 2008 at 4:11 am

Posted in Random Madness

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  1. Cool score!


    April 21, 2008 at 3:28 pm

  2. I manage to be able to find bags of yarn at really good prices at Sally Ann’s. And books. Which is good, because that’s what I’m interested in đŸ˜€

    Allison (aka AngelGal)

    April 22, 2008 at 1:56 am

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