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Everybody say “Awwwwwwww” ..

My baby, D. (whom I most often call M. .. so much in fact that a co-worker of mine was of the understanding for quite a while that D. and M. were two different children .. that was some funny shit right thar)  Anywho.. My baby, D.  is SICK.  Chuck~across~tha~room SICK.

Yesterday morning while getting ready for school she says “Momma, last nite my tummy felt like I was going to throw up”

So Madness says “Oh babe.. do you feel ok to go to school?”

“Yes Momma, I think so”

“Baby, are you sure?”

“Yes Momma”

13.2 minutes later .. precisely 3 minutes and 42 seconds after Madness laid back down (because yesterday was Madness day to go into work at NOON instead of 8:00) the phone rings. Of.Course.The.Phone.Rings ..

“this is the school nurse. D. got sick on the bus, on her way off of the bus, in the hallway and now she’s throwing up in my office. You’ll need to come get her” ~ Ya think?!

“Im on my way”

So… D. has been posted up on the sofa since then. She has a stack of DVD’s and XBOX games at her fingertips… 2 sisters, 2 brothers and momma and dad doting on her.  Between the bouts of violent vommiting..that kid has it MADE.

Madness slept with D. last night *sigh* (ovaries throbbing at the need for another newborn to sleep with and smell)  At one point Madness awakes!


“yes baby?!?!? do you need to throw up??!?!?”

“No! Dont Worry! I just need to peepee and youre in my way!”

~Thank you Jeebus~ 


Written by Madness

April 16, 2008 at 1:05 pm

Posted in Random Madness

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