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Haiku Friday ~ On Tuesday

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OK, so.. I happened accross a blog entitled “I am somebodys Mother?” last week..(where’d I find it, how’d I stumble upon it.. i dont know.. cant remember, isnt that insane?)

Anywhooo. I was so excited to find this blog because..well..honestly.. CNN and TMZ only update so many times a day and I have a REALLY RIDICULOUSLY BORING job (where some lady with really blonde hair who smells REALLY good and who probably thinks I’m a major butt sucker because Ive told her how good she smells probably 10 too many times..oh..and *gasp for air* BLOCKED MySpace and well.. i’ll just stop there).. so I am totally lacking stimulation at work. So, new ~ entertaining stuff to read while I’m at work ~ WOOHOO its a good day!!

From there I found a link to Jennifers blog “Playgroups are no place for Children”. I think I read her entire blog in a day or two. I love Jennifer!! I want to be her friend! (actually I want her to be my mommy, but we’re like the same age sooo… umm.. yeah…) Oh, and Jennifer, I love the name Tate.. even if it is made up.

Meanwhile, on Jennifers blog I clicked on some other ladys blog.. Queen of Shake Shake..and SHE was entertaining as well.. BUT.. only MOMENTS into reading HER blog.. I followed a link to a little place called “I am Bossy” and OH MY LOARD.. THAT lady is insanely GENIUS!!

Bossy.. YOU are now on the TOP of my “I want you to be my mommy” list 🙂

I have read ALL of Bossys blog from day one.. as well as her postings on other sites and .. now I sit here all day checking for a new post from Bossy… *sigh* Bossy is currently on her totally Awsome Road Trip and all I can think of when I’m reading Bossy’s blog is “Cult-Following”.

Ive told my girlfriends at work about Bossy’s site .. mainly because I got tired of hearing “are you ok? Youre so quiet”.. Ive shared Bossy with my husband..reading this and that to him whilst pissing my pants laughing and saying over and over “Bossy makes NO DAMN SENSE” (thats Madness talk for “Bossy is SO freaking funny she makes me piddle in my panties”)

From Bossys site I found my way to another nifty place in the universe.. Baldo ‘s blog. LOVING Baldo. (mostly because she too suffers from mental illness.. I myself am Bipolar and trying every day to learn how to cope and live. Im not sure what the whole scoop on Marrits whackness is yet.. but I’m drawn to her because she’s “one of us”).. that and she is incredibly talented and intillegent.

okiedokes ~ so that is how I ended up at Haiku Friday..

Jennifer posts a Haiku every friday and because I’m a lost soul who doesnt know who she is or was or will be.. I too will now post Haiku Friday..because i want to be oh so super cool like Jennifer and all her bloggy buddies and I would have no idea how to do that on my own so I need to do what they do… or whatever.

SO… Haiku Friday

On Tuesday .. stay tuned.. I dont know how to Haiku … yet.


Written by Madness

April 15, 2008 at 5:33 pm

Posted in Random Madness

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